i’d like to take a moment and thank Ryan,Jamie & Nash for giving me the strength & the positiveness that kept me strong & cut-free for two months; they haven’t directly said anything to me lately, but their smiling faces & joy & pleasure about the new video & songs & album have kept me extremely happy over these past couple months & for that I could not thank them enough. i love you guys more than i could ever explain; y’all my light & my happiness & the reason I keep moving on; thank you ❤

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these boys, Nash Overstreet, Ryan K Follese && Jamie Follese, are literally my everything && they mean the entire world && than some to me. they make me smile when nobody has succeeded && whether they know it or not, they’re always there for me && for that, I’m proud to call them my idols.. they’ve helped me stay cut free for almost two months now && I could never thank them enough for the strength they give me. I love you ❤ ; thank you 😘

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Thank you for make me smile everyday, for be the guy that can make my day better with just a song. Thank you for your passion, for the stupid things you do that makes me completely happy. Today i just really hope you have one of the best days because you deserve it. We all love you so much, and your beautiful freaks are always going to be here for you.

Happy birthday ryan! ♥  

Happy 27th birthday to one of the kindest, most talented, humble, loving, and deserving people in the entire world - Ryan Keith Follese. I am so proud to call myself a fan of you, of Hot Chelle Rae, and I hope this year is your best year yet, with many more wonderful years to come. Just don't forget, we love you tons!

Happy 27th Birthday to the amazing and beautiful Ryan Keith Follese. 

Ryan, you’ve been an idol of mine since the moment I saw the Bleed video. The amount of passion you put into everything is just beyond mindblowing. You love everything you do and it shows in every song and every show you preform. You’re an incredible artist and an even more incredible human being. in 2013, I had the wonderful pleasure of meeting you, Ian and Nash and to this day I have to say, I still get tears in my eyes thinking about it. 

Ryan, you’ve changed my life for the better ever since the Bleed video and I’m so proud to be able to call you my idol. Thank you for everything you’ve done for the fandom and even everything you’ve done for people that aren’t in the fandom. I love you more than words can even beginning to describe. I hope you have an amazing 27th birthday and I hope it’s worth your while. 

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tbh im really nervous about all the attention theyve been getting lately. of course im incredibly proud but i feel like with this attention theyll get more fans which is also great but itll just be fans. it wont be beautiful freaks.. i guess i dont want them to forget about the ones who were always there.. i dont wanna be another nameless soul. i want them to know im never leaving even when things so sour. i love them and i refuse to leave..

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